How it Works For A User

Find My SME: Streamlining the Search for Corporate Trainers and Facilitators

How it Works

Step 1: Search training topics related to your need

Step 2: Scan SMEs profiles who fit your initial search

Step 3: Select a SME that fits your request,  click “connect” or “request a quote”

You will be prompted to complete some initial information about your training request (topic of interest, number of individuals to be trained, target audience, timeline etc)

Step 4:  After completing the form you will finalize and click “connect’”. The SME you selected will receive an email of your request and will contact you directly.

Step 5: Write a review. When you submit your request, you can log back in using your email address and the password you created to write a review about a SME you used.

Your account is completely free and will hold the history of your training requests.

In addition, you also will have access to the instant messaging feature. If your SME is online, you can instant message them and connect immediately. If you send a message and they are away, they will receive it in their inbox.