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Corporate Trainer Instructing
Corporate Trainer Instructing

It takes a lot of time and energy to develop content. The number of hours it takes to develop 1-hour of content significantly varies from 8 hours to over 100 hours. Therefore updating content is a decision not taken lightly; however, it is a must to maintain relevancy.

Below is 5 ways you can update your corporate training content:

1. Update your content with facts from well-respected resources in the field
2. Incorporate new and fresh images
3. Include short video clips and real-life scenarios
4. Refresh printed materials to encourage active learning; include note-taking sections and bulleted sections
5. Add new technology: virtual collaboration boards, games, etc.

As a corporate trainer, making sure content is up-to-date, relevant, and interactive is essential to your existence. However, the value you bring to individuals, employees, and organizations is worth the time and effort.

Find My SME: Streamlining the Search for Corporate Trainers
Find My SME: Streaminling the Search for Corporate Trainers


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