Top 5 Best Team Building Training Topics


  • Building diverse teams is important
  • Creating a space where teams have the right skills to disagree tactfully with each other matters
  • High-functioning teams seek to help each other grow

With most of the world going virtual, it’s hard to help team members feel connected. From an MIT study shared by Margaret Heffernan in her TedTalk,  teams who are high functioning (ergo who communicate with each other, who have healthy conflicts, who are eager to help and assist, and who rally together to get a project done) all have these things in common:

1) they showed a high degree of social sensitivity toward each other,

2) they gave each other equal time to speak, and

3) included more women.

Now you can add more women to the mix, but you can’t expect people to provide each other with equal time. You can give people equal time to speak, but you can’t expect them to display social sensitivity…at least not right away. Building high-functioning teams take time. The team must trust each other, build a relationship, and have a rapport or its own defined culture. How is this done? With time, yes, but you can help the process by providing team members with the right environment and tools to have uncomfortable conversations of disagreement. You can also provide them with the skills to challenge each other in a healthy setting and to encourage each other to grow and learn from one another.

According to our friends at, the top 5 best team-building training topics are:

  1. PCSkills: Virtual Team Building and Management by Gold SRD’s Virtual Team Building and Management.
  2. Leading World Class Teams: Local, Global, Virtual by Barnes & Conti
  3. Building High Performance Teams by Chart Learning Solutions
  4. Interactive Skills for Impact and Influence by Corporate Education Group
  5. Blended Learning and Applied Learning Sessions by Values Centered Innovation

Now some versions of these courses can be found almost anywhere, but it’s important to do your own research and take time to interview potential corporate training providers.

Find My SME: Streamlining the Search for Corporate Trainers
Find My SME: Streamlining the Search for Corporate Trainers

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