Learning and Development Program

Building a Learning and Development Program

Does every company need one?

Yes, but not necessarily right away. Companies that are just starting and feeling their way through the mission, vision, goals, and processes should hold off on a learning and development program until they have reached a point of consistent output.

Now, this doesn’t mean they should wait to have onboarding and a job training program in place. There should be a program that introduces individuals to the company, the systems they will be working within, HR and other departments, and how their department and role will fit into the grand scheme. In addition, specific training for their position should be in place.

How do I start a learning and development program for my organization?

  • For starters, you need to make sure upper management is on board and is willing to do their part in holding people accountable.
  • Review job descriptions and make sure they align with what people are doing. [This is a time-consuming process that will reveal some people are working outside of their job description, while others aren’t being held accountable for theirs.]
  • Next, work with managers or supervisors to develop a career pathway and KPIs.
  • Then, start developing performance objectives with each pathway.
  • Next, start pairing skills with objectives and identify training that helps master the objectives.
  • Finally, create a schedule that the majority of managers and supervisors agree will work for their team.

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