Learning and Development Q & A

Learning and Development Q &A


How do you get a manager who is openly opposed to implementing a learning and development program onboard?


  1. Ask why?

    When someone hears a learning and development program will be implemented, sometimes it can cause angst and anxiety for reasons unknown until you start asking questions. Once you can put a spotlight on their resistance to the program, you can then start addressing the issues in a respectful and controlled manner.

  2. Invite them to participate in the development process

    Let them discuss their pain points and thoughts on possible solutions. Let them help develop the Key Performance Indicators to a successful program or specific training. Allow them to help write the content and provide actual examples to include. Invite them to pilot the course and provide feedback.

  3. Solicit support from upper management

Upper management should be able to explain how the program ties into the mission and vision of the organization. Schedule a meeting between upper management and the team (not singling anyone out) to discuss the value and the intended results of the Learning and Development Program.

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